Review Process for HCC-ACP Materials – Creating new resources? The Community of Practice offers a review of Health Care Consent and Advance Care Planning materials (i.e. content, policies, procedures and other materials) to ensure the language and intent complies with the Ontario Legal Framework. Vetted final resources can then be acknowledged by the CoP as being reflective of the Ontario Legal Framework, and
with permission, shared on the Ontario Resources of the Speak Up website repository.

Summary of Key Themes and Common Errors – Do your ACP materials comply with Ontario Law? You may be surprised! Following these suggestions and recommendations, and avoiding these common pitfalls will result in much stronger resources that are reflective of the Ontario legal landscape. French version

Leadership in Advance Care Planning in Ontario – Advice on best practice in Health Care Consent and Advance Care Planning, including a list of resources supporting best practice.

Screening Guideline For HCC and ACP Materials – The screening guidelines used by the Community of Practice when reviewing materials.

HCC ACP Glossary of Terms April 2016 – An Ontario specific glossary of Health Care Consent and Advance Care Planning.

MAiD Briefing Note– Clarifying Medical Assistance in Dying and Advance Care Planning.

ACE ACP Tool – Ontario Summary of HCC and ACP.

ACE Tip Sheet 1 – Health Care Consent and Advance Care Planning: The Basics

ACE Tip Sheet 2 – Hierarchy of Substitute Decision Makers in the Health Care Consent Act