It’s about conversations. It’s about wishes.

It’s how we care for each other.

Advance Care Planning is a process of reflection and communication. It is a time for you to reflect on your values and wishes, and to let people know what kind of health and personal care you would want in the future if you were unable to speak for yourself.

It means having discussions with family and friends, especially your Substitute Decision Maker – the person who will speak for you if you cannot speak for yourself. It may also include writing down your wishes, and talking with healthcare providers and financial or legal professionals.

Legal requirements regarding Health Care Consent and Advance Care Planning vary across the country, therefore the National Speak up resources may not always reflect the Ontario legal framework. PLEASE NOTE: the following material/resources are reflective of the National campaign.

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You may never need your advance care planning wishes – but if you do, you’ll be glad that you had the conversation